TLS (NI) Level 1 Programme

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TLS (NI) Level 1 

A facilitated programme, the highly-effective TLS (NI) Level 1 equips teachers with the skills and strategies to help them reach the next level of professional practice. 


TLS (NI) Level 1 Programme helps teachers deliver consistent, high-quality lessons that have a positive, measurable impact on results. 


Programme delegates improve their craft of teaching by attending facilitated sessions; working face-to-face with pupils, observing colleagues at first-hand, engaging in group discussion and debate, self-assessing and accessing direct effective coaching. 


TLS (NI) Level 1 Programme enables teachers to:- 

- give students the best possible learning experience; 

- radically improve results;

- deepen and sharpen their understanding of classroom practice;

- increase their job satisfaction and prospects for advancement; 

- engage fully with the drive to raise standards throughout the school. 


TLS (NI) Level 1 Programme: 


- provides teachers with in-depth coaching tailored to their individual needs; 


- includes a focus on: lesson planning; engagment, challenge, starter activities, plenary sessions, questioning techniques, assessment and developing effective differentiation strategies; 


- forms part of the professional development provision for staff development within the school’s improvement plan 



TLS (NI) Level 1 Programme consists of six consecutive fortnightly full-day sessions, through a TLS (NI) approved hub school. Schools need to release three teachers at a time, as learning takes place in groups of three. There is the option that ‘learning threes’ can be made up from cluster schools. 

Trained facilitators lead the learning process at each hub school and support the progress of course delegates throughout. 


TLS (NI) Level 1 Programme is open to all teachers who want to improve their teaching and want to learn how to deliver consistently good lessons that marry sound theory with excellent practice. 


TLS (NI) Level 1 Programme is having a significant impact on the performance of teaching staff and pupils in schools. 



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