URGENT ACTION REQUIRED - Integrated Education not recognised in Shared Education Bill

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URGENT ACTION REQUIRED - Integrated Education not recognised in Shared Education Bill


Shared Education Bill



The Shared Education Bill is intended to provide a legislative definition of shared education, confer power on the Department and its relevant arms-length bodies to encourage and facilitate shared education and at the same time commence the duty specified in the Education Act (NI) 2014 for the Education Authority to encourage, facilitate and promote shared education.


The Ministerial Advisory Group was appointed in July 2012 and published their report in April 2013. Following a period of civic debate, the Minister accepted their recommendations in a statement to the Assembly on 22 October 2013. One of the recommendations accepted by the Minister was to bring forward legislation on shared education.

Integrated Education not recognised in the Bill.


Potential Consequences of the Bill


Economic Implications - a mainstreaming of funding for Shared Education.  The Minister has not identified where this money will come from. 


Integrated Education is not recognised in the Bill.  This Bill will embed shared educaiton within the Department, Edcuaiton Authority, CCEA, CCMS and the YOuth Council but there is no formal linkage or progression to the top of the shared continuum which is integrated education. 


What you can do as a parent

This is your opportunity to scrutinise the Shared Education Bill and put forward you views on a piece of legislation which will see shared education embedded in the curriculum and funding mainstreamed. 


Areas to consider

  • Focus on what is in the bill not shared educaiton in general.

  • Make suggestions as to how to improve the Bill, it is going to progress regardless.

  • Give examples/experiences of shared projects compared to integrated education

  • Identify flaws/pitfalls in the Bill.




Your written submission should be structured to address the specific clauses of the Bill and, if appropriate, should include any amendments you wish to propose to the text.




How to Respond


The Education Committee is asking that written evidence be submitted, preferably by e-mail to: committee.education@niassembly.gov.uk  Or by post, to: The Committee Clerk, Room 375, Parliament Buildings, Ballymiscaw, Stormont, Belfast, BT4 3XX.


If you do not have time before this short deadline you can also make your voice heard by contacting your local MLA or writing a letter in your local press.






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