Board of Governors

Oakwood IPS Board of Governors

Our school is managed by a Board of Governors who work in conjunction with the Principal.

Our Board has sixteen members:

  • 6 Foundation Governors,
  • 4 Department of Education Governors,
  • 4 Parent Governors and
  • 2 Teacher Governors.

Additional members may be co-opted onto the Board at its discretion. Co-opted members do not have voting rights.

In accordance with our integrated status our Board must aspire to being at least 40% protestant, 40% catholic and 20% other. We also strive for a gender balance.

2017/2018 Board of Governors

Foundation Governor: Mr Campbell (Chair)
Foundation Governor: Ms Gillespie
Foundation Governor: Ms Banham
Foundation Governor: Ms Donnelly 
Foundation Governor: Mrs Hurley

Foundation Governor: Mr Lawlor

Department of Education: Dr Hudson
Department of Education: Mr Wright
Department of Education: TBC
Department of Education: TBC 

Parent: Mrs Cartland
Parent: Mrs Hassard

Parent: Mrs Abbott

Parent: Mr McGarrigle

Teacher: Mrs Joyce
Teacher: Mrs McKenna

Co-opted: Miss McClure (Vice Principal)

Contact Information

Phone:   02890 309920 (Primary)
Phone:   02890 622930 (Pre-School)
Fax:       02890 622024


Mrs Claire Howe
48 The Cutts
BT17 9HN

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