High Performer Provision at Oakwood


At Oakwood Integrated Primary School we recognise pupils as individuals with unique strengths and weaknesses, gifts and talents and we create opportunities for all abilities to nurture and flourish.

The high performer initiative is an integral part of the school’s improvement plan, to challenge and extend the thinking of all its pupils via a broad and balanced curriculum.

Our High Performer Policy links into the general school aims and philosophy and other school policies such as SEN and Inclusion.

Input from the whole school/community includes pupils, staff, governors, parents and link secondary schools.


In catering for able pupils, the school aims to achieve

  • An entitlement (or right)to an appropriately challenging education;
  • A suitably differentiated and challenging curriculum;
  • Distinct and discernibly different personalised learning opportunities;
  • Opportunities to develop specific skills or talents;
  • Strategies to heighten motivation and raise aspirations to fulfil potential;
  • Support for the emotional well being of the child.


The term high performer is used to define our school group.

High performers are those pupils who have high abilities in one or more subjects in the statutory school curriculum and as those who have distinct abilities in art and design, music, PE or performing arts such as dance and drama.

Children are defined as high performers in areas of: 

  • General intellectual ability or talent;
  • Specific aptitude (ease in learning) or talent in one or more subjects;
  • Leadership ability;
  • Creative and performing arts;
  • Creative and productive thinking;
  • Psychomotor ability (the ability to control body movement with thought with ease);
  • Mechanical ingenuity (an interest and ability in how things are put together and how they work)
  • “special abilities in empathy, understanding and negotiation” (Council for the Curriculum Examinations and assessment (CCEA), 2007, p.7)

The school recognises the concept of multiple intelligences (different kinds of clever e.g. book smart, body smart, number smart, people smart etc.) and differing learning styles and particularly seeks to cater for these needs.

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Phone:   02890 309920 (Primary)
Phone:   02890 622930 (Pre-School)
Fax:       02890 622024
Email:    mdeniz532@c2kni.net


Mrs Claire Howe
48 The Cutts
BT17 9HN

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