Oakwood Integrated Pre-School

Oakwood Integrated Pre-School operates from 9am – 11.30am daily. We provide a high quality, enriching experience where children have opportunities to gain independence, develop initiative, make decisions and solve problems through varied active learning experiences, in an inclusive, integrated environment.

The Children's Centre Manager ensures that adults in the pre-school encourage and suppport children during play to enhance their skills, encourage thinking and extend their learning.

At Oakwood, we greatly value the support and involvement of parents and actively foster strong relationships with them providing a positive pre-school experience for all our children.

To provide a quality educational experience for the children in the pre-school, we follow the Pre-School Curriculum as set by the Department of Education for Northern Ireland.

The curriculum for pre-school education is set out under six discrete headings: The Arts; Language Development; Early Mathematical Experiences; Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Physical Development and Movement; and The World Around Us. 

At Oakwood, we feel children should experience it in a holistic way through play and other relevant experiences.

These six areas of development are continued and built upon in Primary One and Two providing a cohesive, fluent approach to learning between and across the pre-school and the primary.


Contact Information

Phone:   02890 309920 (Primary)
Phone:   02890 622930 (Pre-School)
Fax:       02890 622024
Email:    mdeniz532@c2kni.net


Mrs Claire Howe
48 The Cutts
BT17 9HN

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Ring to arrange tours of both the Pre-School and the Primary school, during school hours, to get a real taste of Life at Oakwood.