Pupil Council

Pupil Council

Our children participate in Class Councils from Primary 4-7.

Class Councils run once a week and are led by the pupils elected as office bearers by their peers.

Each Class Council has a Chairperson, Vice-chairperson and Minute Secretary.

Each class also has a further 3 Pupil Council Representatives who are again elected by their peers to represent the class at the weekly meeting of the Pupil Council.

The Pupil Council meets on a weekly basis in the school staffroom. Three elected representatives from each of the classes from P4-7 meet with Miss Lowry to run their meeting. At these meetings, items which have been discussed and voted upon in Class Councils, are brought to the Pupil Council for further discussion.

If an item is passed by the Pupil Council but requires further approval, it is taken to Mrs Howe, the school principal.

If it is a matter that concerns school policy it is taken to the Board of Governors. Such an item was progressed all the way to the Board of Governors when the Pupil Council asked them to consider allowing pupils to have a chocolate treat on the first Friday of each month. The governors discussed the item and approved the suggestion.

In January 2016, our Pupil Participation was recognised as exemplary and filmed for ESaGStv

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