Staff at Oakwood Integrated Primary School and Nursery

Primary School & Nursery Staff 2021-2022
In accordance with our integrated status we aspire to being at least 40% protestant, 40% catholic and 20% other. We also strive for a gender balance.

Ms Howe

Vice Principal, Primary 7 Teacher & Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection (DDT):
Miss McClure

Primary 6 Teacher:
Miss Russell

Primary 5 Teacher:
Miss Woods

Primary 4 Teacher:
Miss Stewart

Primary 3 Teacher:
Mrs Lowry

Primary 2 Teacher & Designated Teacher for Child Protection (DT):
Mrs Joyce

Primary 1 Teacher:
Mrs Smith

Nursery Teacher & Afternoon Sports:
Mrs Stewart-Briggs

Learning Support and Inclusion Coordinator:

Mrs Conn 


School Administrator:
Mrs McKibbin

Nursery Assistant:
Robyn Webb

Classroom Assistants:
Carla Budd

Sheelagh Gamble

Luke Gibson

Susanna Gray

Karen Howie

Sinead McKeever (temporary)

Patrick O'Hanlon (temporary)

Kim Kelly

Debbie Schmidt

Jan Spiers

Elle Thompson (temporary)

Claire Weatherall (temporary)

Building Support Staff:
Mr Moore
Mr Magee

School Meals Staff:
Mr Magee & Mrs McAleenon

Contact Information

Phone:   02890 309920
Fax:       02890 622024


Ms Claire Howe
48 The Cutts
BT17 9HN



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