Staff at Oakwood Integrated Primary School and Nursery

Primary School & Nursery Staff 2022-2023
In accordance with our integrated status we aspire to being at least 40% protestant, 40% catholic and 20% other. We also strive for a gender balance.

Ms Howe

Primary 7 Teacher:
Mrs McKenna

Primary 6 Teacher:
Miss Russell

Vice-Principal, Primary 5 Teacher & Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection (DDT)
Miss McClure

Primary 4 Teacher:
Miss Stewart

Primary 3 Teacher:
Miss Woods

Primary 2 Teacher & Designated Teacher for Child Protection (DT):
Mrs Joyce

Primary 1 Teacher:
Mrs Smith

Nursery & Learning Support Teacher:
Mrs Lowry

Learning Support and Inclusion Coordinator:
Mrs Conn 

PE & Learning Support Teacher:

Mrs Stewart-Briggs

Learning Support Teacher:

Miss Patterson

School Administrator:

Mrs McKibbin

Nursery Assistant:
Robyn Webb

Classroom Assistants:
Carla Budd

Sheelagh Gamble

Luke Gibson

Susanna Gray

Karen Howie

Kim Kelly

Debbie Schmidt

Jan Spiers

Building Support Staff:
Mr Moore
Mr Magee

School Meals Staff:
Mr Magee & Mrs McAleenon

Contact Information

Phone:   02890 309920
Fax:       02890 622024


Ms Claire Howe
48 The Cutts
BT17 9HN



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