Teaching and Learning Schools (NI)

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Teaching and Learning Schools (NI)


Teaching and Learning Schools (TLS) NI


Oakwood Integrated Primary School is a hub school for Teaching and Learning Schools (NI) and one of a group of five schools identified as having Designated OLEVI Status (DOC) in Northern Ireland.


TLS (NI) programmes have been designed to increase teacher effectiveness leading to improved outcomes of all pupils in the schools involved including those in challenging circumstances, by engaging schools and teachers in building pedagogic skills and classroom practice that develop a culture of reflection, research in action and focus on pupil achievement.


The programmes are contextualised for Northern Ireland – but based on a model of teacher development that has been very successful as part of the London Challenge. Schools in London have contributed to improved pupil outcomes faster and in a more sustained way than any other region of England or Wales. The programmes assume that a good pedagogic knowledge, quality teaching skills and a focus on each pupil is present in all schools. These programmes allow schools to support each other to broaden these key areas of teaching and to accelerate the management of this knowledge across and between schools.


TLS (NI) is led by a steering group of school principals of schools in Northern Ireland who are responsible for the integrity of the programme, accountability for funding and quality assurance.  The Steering Group represents the Principals of schools that provide hubs for the professional development of teachers.


TLS (NI) requires schools to observe the intellectual property of the materials used, to follow the methodologies developed on the programmes and to subject their professional development to the Quality Assurance techniques developed by TLS (NI).


TLS (NI) only uses facilitators on the programmes that have been trained by accredited faciliators and who have undergone the programme themselves.


Should you wish to make further enquiries regarding TLS, please contact the principal, Ms Claire Howe.




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