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NI Curriculum

Oakwood provides an exciting, creative, broad and balanced curriculum which is age and stage appropriate to the individual needs of each child. In Oakwood’s happy, caring, inclusive and child-centred environment, children are nurtured and respected without discrimination, enabling them to achieve success in a wide variety of academic and social contexts.

Work and Play

Personal development, self confidence, independence, creativity and self discipline are the building blocks for developing a strong self esteem. At Oakwood the opportunities we offer children help them grow in self worth.

Citizenship and taking personal responsibility for the choices they make are nurtured in our children from an early age through our extensive Personal Development and Mutual Understanding Programme. Our tailor made programme has been recognised as an exemplary by the South Eastern Education and Library Board.

At Oakwood, children learn to work both independently and as members of small groups or teams, putting their thinking skills to good use. We plan work using themes which interest children and link all subject areas. We listen when children tell us what they want to learn. Our plans take account of the different ways children like to learn and acknowledge their range of interests, talents and abilities.

Our children are actively encouraged to participate in the planning, monitoring and evaluating processes. All children are encouraged to strive for the highest individual achievement in every curriculum area. They leave Oakwood with a sound foundation for life long learning.

Our curriculum rationale is as follows:-

Language and Literacy

At the heart of every area of the curriculum, language and literacy is taught as a core subject which supports every aspect of work and ensures that tour children become excellent communicators. Our literacy standards were recognised as 'Outstanding,' by the ETI, in our 2011 Focused Inspection.

Mathematics and Numeracy

In every area of mathematics, including numeracy, practical activities support children to become confident and successful mathematicians who use thinking strategies and problem solving skills. Our Numeracy standards were recognised as 'Very Good,' by the ETI, in our 2011 Focused Inspection.

Personal Development and Mutual Understanding

Children are encouraged to value their own particular tradition and to develop a respect for common culture and unique identity. Positive membership of a pluralist society is explored, providing opportunities for friendship by maintaining close links between the home, the school and the community at large. Children are encouraged to make sensible and healthy choices about what they eat and drink, their activities and about the environment they share. Our Healthy Eating Policies and Provision were recognised as exemplary by the ETI, in our 2011 focused inspection.

The World Around Us (Science, Technology, History and Geography)

Children are challenged to ask questions about their own world and to seek answers using a wide range of resources. In this way they come to understand the wonders of the natural and physical world and how people, past and present, influence the way it is today. They are helped to understand their role in making the world a better and safer place through working together positively and looking after their environment. In 2012, the EducationTraining Inspectorate, requested that we work with them (along with three partner schools) on a pilot project, incorporating elements of WAU and ICT.

Physical Development and Movement

Supports the physical development, health and well being of our children. They learn a wide range of games skills, dance, athletics, swimming and aspects of gymnastics. An exciting range of resources inside and out makes developing fitness fun. The children make extensive use of our outdoor classroom and we employ coaches to work alongside our pupils in our afterschool clubs.

The Arts

Music, Drama, Art and Design enrich and extend our children’s experience of each area of the curriculum. 

From 2011, we have employed an art and design specialist to work alongside our children. One of our Primary 7 pupils won a major competition as a result of the work undertaken with the specialist teacher. The pupil won the competition for the launch of The Mac II in Belfast and has had his work framed and commissioned for a calendar to commemorate the opening of The Mac II. The following year the work of a Primary 4 pupil was recognised in The Mac III Competition. His work was published in the calendar and displayed at The Mac.

Every year the children have opportunities to showcast their acting skills through class assemblies, school nativites and a pantomime or musical production. 

Guitar, piano, tin whistle, drumming and brass tuition is available for P4-7 children. We also have junior and senior choirs which support school performances both in school and in the public forum.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Every child has timetabled access to our computer suite and the networked computer system which links every classroom. Interactive whiteboards, floor robots, bee bots and pro bots, video conferencing, digital cameras, digital microphones, TV, DVD and CDs are all used to enhance learning and develop high level skills. Children’s work is accredited in school and externally each year. Each class is encouraged to contribute to the school website. Oakwood IPS achieved the prestigious NAACE Excellence in ICT Award in June 2013.

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